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Hurricane florence

September, 2018

Hurricane Florence hit Wilmington North Carolina  with 27 inches of rain and winds sustaining at 130 mph.  All coastal roads going inland from Wilmington to Morehead city were flooded and unable to be traveled, RPF was on the ground working towards getting roads re-opened and debris moved as first responders to the storm.  Cleaning up over 1,380,000 cu. Yards of debris and cutting down over 15,000 hazardous trees RPF worked tirelessly and alongside county officials to recover Surf City and the City of Wilmington.


hurricane harvey

August, 2017

As Hurricane Harvey hit the City of Houston, RPF had crews on the ground combating the 19 trillion gallons of rainwater that had impacted the city and surrounding areas and worked around the clock to restore order. In the aftermath of the storm FEMA designated 41 counties as federal disaster areas and RPF operated 16 DMS sites to manage and dispose of debris. RPF is still working with the City of Houston to clean up the waterways.

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hurricane michael

October, 2018

As Hurricane Michael was set to hit the state of Florida in October of 2018 with sustained winds at 155 mph, RPF braced for its impact and had crews on the ground before the storm made landfall. Michael was the 4th largest hurricane ever to hit the united states behind the labor day hurricane of 1935, Camille in 1969, and Andrew in 1992. RPF managed 8 counties with FDOT and operated 26 DMS sites to properly manage and dispose of the debris. RPF is still currently working in Florida with FDOT but has collected over 5 million cu. Yards.