Disaster Management and Relief

After disaster hits, it can be challenging to overcome the grief and put a plan in action to help your community recover. At RPF, we take that plan of action off of your plate. We’re able to immediately deploy as soon as an emergency response is needed, and we enact our project management services to oversee the management of all relief efforts. From temporary housing to catering services to physical cleanup, we handle every detail of disaster response and recovery.


Debris Removal

Since our launch in 1989, RPF Emergency Services has collected over 150 million cubic yards of debris and established industry benchmarks for debris recycling and collection efficiencies. In 2008, we recycled 100% of the debris we collected in Houston, TX in the wake of Hurricane Ike, which amounted to over 5 million cubic yards. We also set an industry record for the most debris collected in a single day in 2008 and, according to FEMA officials, the record still stands today.

Having performed debris operations across nearly all of the United States and internationally for over 24 years, RPF takes pride in bringing innovation and professionalism to each project undertaken. We’ve consistently demonstrated an ability to both self-perform work immediately and engage a network of over 5,000 subcontracting partners. This unique ability means that no matter the location or size of an event, we can respond immediately and effectively.


Right-of-way Maintenance

RPF has been performing right-of-way maintenance for utility companies, municipalities and rail companies since 1989. Whether providing routine maintenance or responding to post-disaster destruction, we have the equipment and personnel to provide safe and efficient service to meet all of our client’s needs.

From highway traffic control to the use of specialized equipment, we meticulously plan all facets of right-of-way maintenance for proper execution.


Landfill and Debris Management

Understanding the required dynamics of a debris management operation is a hallmark of RPF’s profile. In all of RPF’s relevant projects, RPF has met and fulfilled the standards of all local, state and federal regulatory agencies including the remediation, restoration, and sampling of staging and processing sites.

We have extensive experience in the creation and management of Temporary Debris Management Sites, and from 2004-2005 we operated over 20 such sites – many simultaneously – in the wake of several major hurricanes in the Gulf region. In 2008, following Hurricane Ike, RPF simultaneously operated seven TDMS sites, handling 11 million cubic yards of debris and recycling materials out of the waste stream in two of those facilities. In 2012, RPF simultaneously operated six TDMS sites in Louisiana following Hurricane Isaac.



Demolition is an integral part of any location’s recovery from a major disaster, and RPF has successfully executed widespread demolition projects in variety of locales.

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav, RPF was responsible for the demolition of over 2,500 homes throughout the State of Louisiana in Washington, Jefferson, Terrebonne and Orleans parishes. The FEMA demolition, Selective Salvage demolition and the Strategic Demolition projects, which have been in effect since 2007, are responsible for the elimination of over 2,000 blighted properties. RPF also recently provided demolition services to the City of Birmingham following devastating tornadoes in April 2011.